Howdy y’all! My name is Ritch Schut. I developed a passion for audio quality at a very young age. It started off modifying speaker systems for small home stereo systems and experimenting with different drivers (basically what ever I could get my hands on and canabalize from broken radios and boom boxes) and enclosure types and has progressed from there. Once I turned 15ish, the passion went directly into car audio. I was one of the first people in my area (just outside of Grand Rapids,MI) to install a sub enclosure, a pair of Pyle 12” subs ported powered by a Kenwood amp. The rest of that system had Alpine speakers and more Kenwood power. Back in the late 80’s it was quite a system. Over the years I have continued to work with car audio every chance I got. About 5 years ago I decided to get more serious about it, a lot more serious. Thanks to the people in ISQ, various other resources and people, my knowledge and abilities continue to grow. Today, I am still in the testing stages of the build I hope to have in competition next season (on a limited basis for now). As some of you know, I chose a rather different vehicle for my car audio install. I am doing my install in a 1997 Peterbilt 379exhd semi. A truck that now can boast having over 2 million miles on it. Being a truck driver and being in my semi 98% of the time, it just made sense to do my SQ build in this truck. In closing, I would like to thank all of you members of ISQ for all of the knowledge being freely shared. It to me is a beautiful thing to see this group helping each other learn and grow. I would also like to thank the admins for selecting me as member of the month.

Current gear:

Alpine CDE-164BT head unit.

Massive Audio Core 1 dsp unit.

(2) Ground Zero GZHA 4200xii 4 channel amps.

(1) Ground Zero GZHA 1.1850 mono amp.

(1) Ground Zero GZHW 38X 15” sub woofer in a ported enclosure.

Ground Zero GZUK 65SQ 6.5” mid bass drivers.

Eton 3-400 3” mid range drivers.

Audio Frog GB10 Tweeters.

​Meet Ritch Schut!

September's Member of The Month!