​Meet Richard Vedvik!

November's Member of The Month!

Richard Vedvik, known as “keep_hope_alive” in audio forums for the past decade, has been obsessed with mobile audio since 1994.    Today, Rich is best defined as a 38 year old father of two girls and husband of 15 years.  As a kid, Richard would take electronics apart and stare at the printed circuit boards with awe and wonder, knowing that someday he would understand how it all worked.  In the late 80’s Richard disassembled his first boom box to experiment with different speakers.  Richard focused on home audio until he was 15 when he started helping friends with mobile audio.  Since 1994, mobile audio is a constant activity were a an hour or more each day is spent either helping on forums, answering private messages, building systems in his garage, or working on vehicles at location.  At his first IASCA even in 1997, Richard learned what a front stage should be.  While Richard will help build systems with higher than necessary bass output, he always puts an emphasis on accurate musical reproduction and unique applications of acoustical concepts.  He has a youtube channel with videos describing acoustical materials, wiring methods, aspects of his system, and information on the Alpine PXA-H800.  


Richard’s passion for audio systems lead him to pursue a career in engineering with the original intention of designing audio components.  Richard received a bachelors of science from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville in 2005 with dual emphasis in analog & digital circuit design and power systems.  He is currently a Senior Electrical Engineer and Acoustical Engineer for KJWW Engineering Consultants, where he designs electrical power systems for hospitals and provides acoustical consulting for noise control and room acoustics.   Last year, Richard was acknowledged as one of the top 40 engineers under 40 years old, by Consulting, Specifying Engineer magazine. 


Richard spent hundreds of hours building and testing a variety of sound systems in his previous 2001 Accord.  That experimentation prepared him for his current build in a 2014 Honda Accord Sport.  This vehicle presented several challenges, both electronic and acoustic.   The first hurdle was a stock radio with an 80Hz high pass filter, custom EQ, and active noise cancelling.  After modifying the radio internally, Richard turned to a separate head unit that allowed both factory function and aftermarket SQ.  Later, Richard swapped the base model head unit for the premium head unit with clean outputs.  His 2014 Accord has several commercially available materials used for control of both structural and airborne acoustics.  Richard uses fiberglass insulation, Ultratouch insulation, mass loaded vinyl, closed cell foam sheeting, and deadening products throughout the car to control noise and resonance.  He is using stock locations for the front speakers and custom locations for the rear speakers.  The front doors are heavily treated with a combination of deadening and pvc encased fiberglass panels, foam for gasketing, and mass loaded vinyl for noise control.  The rears are not used for daily or competition, but provide the kids with some localized music for road trips (and he experiments with front stage enhancement).  The amp rack contains a bank of Maxwell BCAP3000 and is secured to the underside of the rear deck.  As an electrical engineer, Richard focuses on the system wiring and the entire sound system is independent of the factory wiring by using relays to generate an ignition turn-on with an accessory fuse block added in the dash.  The front battery has been upgraded to a Group 34 (Group 51 stock), and modifications to the alternator smart charging system are upcoming.  The sub is currently in a sealed enclosure with a custom fiberglass enclosure in construction.   He keeps a current build log here:


His current system consists of the following:

Factory Head Unit: Premium Alpine

Aftermarket Head Unit: Alpine DVA-9861

Processing: Alpine PXA-H800  (and RUX-C800)

Amplification: Audison LRx5.1k  (front and sub)
                     Alpine 3522S (rear)

Speakers: Hertz Mille MLK-165 front, ran active

                MB Quart 4” coaxial rear

Sub: Hertz Mille ML3000

The online photo library is located here: