2007 Acura TL

Source: Windows 10 64 bit pc with Lilliput 10.2 touch screen monitor. Kodi front end interface. All optical sound connection.

Processing: Alpine H800 with Alpine C800 controller

Amplification: One Mosconi AS 100.4and one Mosconi AS300.2 for front stage. One Audison LRXK 1.2 for the subwoofer

Front Stage: Hybrid Audio Legatia SE 3 Way

Subwoofer: Ground Zero GZNW 12X

Hello all! My name is Mario and I have been in the car audio industry for the past few years now. I enjoy music just as many of you out there. I purchased my Acura TL a little over a year ago and its been a long journey since. It has been a personal challenge of mine to build this car to its full potential and to the best of my ability. I don’t personally work in car audio industry, but I do this because it is a great hobby, joy, and a getaway. At the moment I’m still in the process of building my car and hopefully it will be completed with in the next few weeks. I hope everyone enjoys!

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