​Meet Bruce Miller!

​July's Member of the Month!

Howdy all!  My name is Bruce Miller and I just recently re-discovered the great hobby of car audio, sound quality in particular.  It all started over this past winter when I decided to upgrade the system in my 2012 Toyota 4Runner.  I had put aside a budget of $1,500 to work with.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, that budget was quickly exceeded (don’t tell the wife).

I do not work in the hobby, I do this purely for fun and stress relief.  I do all of the work on my vehicle with the exception of tuning and window tinting.  What made me decide to put a system in was that I was tired of sitting on the couch watching TV all of the time after a motorcycle crash sidelined me for about a year.  Once I got started I was asked by a stranger, now a friend, if I intended to compete.  That person is Joseph Davis.  I told him I may try one or two shows just for the heck of it.  Well, I went to that first show and met some awesome people including Joseph and I had a blast.  I was hooked!  Since that time I attend as many competitions as possible and I always enjoy myself.

My goal with this hobby is to have fun, meet great people, and try to help others in the same way that I have been helped.  ISQ is a great resource for all of my goals.  If I win a trophy or two along the way I guess that will be alright as well.  J

2012 Toyota 4Runner

Source:  Kenwood DDX372bt

Processor:  Helix DSP with director

Amplifiers:  Zapco Z-1KD, Zapco Z-150.6 LX

Front Stage:  Audible Physics RAM 6A, 3A, and 1A

Subwoofers:  JL Audio 12W3V3 x 3

Team SSQ and Team Audible Physics