Ben Anderson is an Indianapolis native, but currently resides in Lafayette, IN. He is the newest member to the administrative team helping in product review and daily operations. Ben discovered his love for car audio before he ever owned his first car. He purchased a Boss 210x210 amp with Kenwood 12" subs, Alpine head unit, Alpine components, and used a car battery to set it up in his bedroom at the age of 15. His love for audio continued to grow with each vehicle he owned and every system he installed. From 1999-2005, Ben joined the Marines where he played a role in infantry support, repairing trucks and delivering supplies to ground troops . Upon returning from Iraq, Ben started a family and took a break from the audio scene. When Mark "Ramsey" Williams, his life long friend and Brother in Arms, started ISQ, it reignited Ben's passion for building and installing quality sound systems. Ben recently started competing at the novice level taking over 200 points in his first competition. His background is in SPL, but his passion belongs with SQ. Ben is excited to be able to help and lend advise to all those who are just starting out in the SQ scene and looks forward to personally meeting the members of this group as it prospers and grows to the next level.

Mark Williams


Who Are We?

Hello all! Welcome to Indiana Sound Quality! This group has been created to bring back and encourage sound quality throughout the state of Indiana. We welcome everyone regardless of race, sex, age, religion, vehicle, or experience. The one thing that unites us all is Sound Quality! I would encourage and like to see this group grow. There will be some members here that aren’t from the state of Indiana but will be here to help. 

Let’s keep this group classy and respectful. There are no dumb questions and everyone here is welcome. We look forward to watching this group grow and bringing back the ever so importance of sound quality. Lets make a movement across Indiana and the surrounding areas!. Enjoy!

Ben Miller

Admin & Webmaster

Mark "Ramsey" Williams is a local resident of Plainfield, Indiana and President of Indiana Sound Quality. He has been installing and enjoying car audio since the age of 15. After high school, audio took a backseat while Mark joined the Marines, pursued a college education, and a started a family. In 2012, Mark picked the subs and amps back up and began pursuing his passion again. He spent his time tinkering with his own systems and began networking with others in the car audio industry, building relationships and friendships along the way. Those relationships subsequently evolved into what is now Indiana Sound Quality (ISQ). Although Mark's background is in SPL, his interests began to change direction into the SQ realm. In December of 2015, Mark started this group so he and his friends could post and enjoy communicating with each other in regards to car audio. To his surprise and amazement, Indiana Sound Quality exceeded all expectations reaching over 700 members and is still growing. Mark loves everything about car audio and is becoming quite the collector of various subs, amps, and anything audio related that he can find. He is currently competing at the rookie level and took home first place in his first competition scoring over 220 points!! Mark is grateful for every member of ISQ and appreciates all those who contribute their time and knowledge to the group.

Ben Anderson

Admin & Operations

Ben Miller lives in Indianapolis, Indiana and is part of the administrative team as well as the sites webmaster. He found his love for cars and audio in high school. He spent many late nights installing systems and enjoying car audio with friends. After high school, Ben moved on to pursue a career in automotive work and started family. Over the following years, audio took a back seat. He kept his hobby alive by performing a few installs or helping friends with their systems. However, in 2015, Ben picked up the wires again and started a build on his car with help from friends. He is looking forward to his first competition with the rest of the team this year at Cartronix in Valparaiso, IN.

Ben would to thank all the members of ISQ for making it the group that it is and for all the contributions they provide.

Meet our team.

​Phil Gibbs

​​Admin & Tech

I have been in love with car audio since 1992. I was only 12 years old and begged my Mom to get me a subscription to Car Audio and Electronics magazine. I would read them cover to cover many times over until I understood what each article was talking about. I started removing and reinstalling equipment in my parents cars just so I could figure out how it worked. I then started installing stuff for my friends older brothers. I got my first job working at a stereo shop when I was 15. I ended up competing in SQ competitions shortly after getting my drivers license. That didn't last long before venturing over to the darkside and competing in SPL. I worked as an installer for around 10 years and eventually left the industry to pursue something different. I took a break from car audio for a few years as I occupied myself building racecars. Racecars started getting extremely expensive and I was getting bored so my passion for car audio picked right back up where it left off. Now older and more practical, I found myself back into the SQ side of the hobby. I have been fortunate enough to still have friends in the industry that also help me out a lot. I've also made some great new friends along the way. I am always willing to help people out because I'd never have and know what I do now if others didn't help me out. I hope to pay it forward and help keep the hobby alive.